KLAVA: a Java package for distributed and mobile applications.

Klava (Klaim in Java) is a Java package for implementing distributed applications that can exploit mobile code and run over a heterogeneous network environment. Klava is based on the Klaim coordination paradigm with multiple distributed tuple spaces.

Klaim (Kernel Language for Agents Interaction and Mobility) is a formalism that supports a programming paradigm where processes, like data, can be moved from one computing environment to another. Klaim naturally supports programming with explicit localities;  it consists of a core Linda with multiple tuple spaces and of a set of operators for building processes.

Klava was originally written by Lorenzo Bettini, for his master thesis

Progetto e Realizzazione di un Linguaggio di Programmazione per Codice Mobile (Design and Implementation of a Programming Language for Mobile Code)
Lorenzo Bettini
Master Thesis (in Italian), Università di Firenze. 1998.
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and then extended in his PhD Thesis

Linguistic Constructs for Object-Oriented Mobile Code Programming & their Implementations
Lorenzo Bettini
Tesi di Dottorato, Ciclo XIV, Dottorato in Logica e Informatica Teorica. Publisher: Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Siena. 2003.
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Finally, it was rewritten almost from scratch using the IMC (Implementing Mobile Calculi) framework, http://imc-fi.sourceforge.net.

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